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1967-69 Camaro Batteries


Introduction to Camaro Batteries

R59 Battery
Delco R59 Battery, Source: Delco Catalog

For 67-69 Camaros, the battery choice was limited to the standard battery or the optional heavy duty battery, RPO T60. There were two different standard battery sizes used, a 45 Amp hour (Ahr) version and 61 Ahr version (the Ahr rating is based on a 20 hour test and is probably the best way to compare the power capabilities of batteries). Which battery was installed was dependent on the engine. The optional T60 heavy duty battery was a 70 Ahr battery and was available on any model.

For 67, 68, and most of 69, all the batteries used top post terminals. For the latter part of 69 production, the standard batteries were modified (they stayed the same size and rating) to side post terminals (called "sealed terminals" in Delco terminology).

For LOS cars, the change to side post batteries appeared on 05A week (cowl tag date) cars. For NOR cars, it appears the change to the Y77 side post battery occurred in late April, while the R79 side post battery was used starting in early- to mid-May. (See the Battery Usage section for application information.)

First Generation Camaro Battery Specifications

Y77 Battery
Y77 Battery, Source: Delco Catalog
R79 Battery
Delco R79 Battery, Source: Delco Catalog

Delco introduced the Energizer line of batteries in 1967 which consisted of three series: the "top of the line" Red E-5000, the "normal" Yellow E-3000, and the "economy minded" Green E-1000. The color was used on the caps and to highlight some of the text on the battery. Each series had incrementally more internal lead plates per cell which yielded a higher battery capacity. The part number of these new batteries was a combination of the color of the series it was in and the last two digits of the former three digit Delco part number. For example, the R69 was in the Red series and was formerly Delco part number 569.

1967 - 1969 Battery Specifications
Model #
AABM# Post Ahr rating Cranking Power at 0°F (watts) Size
(l x w x h)
Y55 22F top 45 Ahr 2300 9 1/2 x 6 13/16
x 8 1/4
34 lb
Y77 72 side 45 Ahr 2300 9 1/16 x 6 15/16
x 8 1/4
34 lb
R59 24 top 61 Ahr 2900 10 1/4 x 6 13/16
x 8 1/4
44 lb
R79 74 side 61 Ahr 2900 10 1/4 x 6 15/16
x 8 25/32
44 lb
R69 24T top 70 Ahr 3150 10 1/4 x 6 13/16
x 9 1/2
49 lb
References: Delco Energizer Battery brochure, Jan 1966
                      Delco Battery Catalog, Mar 1970

Here are some explanations of the battery codes used in the table above. The Association of American Battery Manufacturers (AABM, now called Battery Council International) standardized batteries into numbered Group Sizes according to maximum overall dimensions, terminal arrangement, and features that affect battery fit. The "F" suffix, e.g. 22F, originally stood for 'Ford' and indicates a reversed terminal post arrangement (see the description below of the Y55 battery). The "T" suffix, e.g. 24T, indicates a taller version of the battery group size 24.


Battery Usage

67, 68, and early (pre-May) 69 L6, 307, and Z28: The standard battery was the Delco Y55. This was a 45 Ahr rated battery with reverse polarity top post terminals. That is, when the terminals are positioned facing rearward in the car, the positive terminal is closest to the fender.

Late 69 L6, 307, and Z28: The standard battery became the Delco Y77 with side post terminals and the same 45 Ahr rating. The Y77 had two different size terminals, 3/8 & 5/16, so the terminals could not be interchanged. The Y77 used standard terminal positions, not the reversed polarity terminals like the Y55 it replaced.

67, 68, and early (pre-May) 69 327, 350, 396, and 427: The standard battery was the R59. It was a 61 Ahr rated battery with top posts and standard terminal positions (positive terminal inboard).

Late 69 350, 396, and 427: The standard battery became the Delco R79 with side post terminals and the same 61 Ahr rating. The R79 battery had two different size terminals, a 3/8 positive terminal and a 5/16 negative terminal, so the terminals could not be interchanged. (The R89 battery replaced the R79 in 1971 and had the same basic exterior dimensions, but the R89 had a single terminal size, 3/8.)

67-69 RPO T60, Heavy Duty Battery: The optional battery was Delco R69, a 70 Ahr battery with top posts. This battery was a taller version (by 3/4 inch) of the R59, with the extra height allowing larger battery plates and hence more power. It did not change to a side post configuration in late 69, like the standard batteries did.

Chevrolet Camaro Batteries


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