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Griffin Aftermarket Aluminum Radiator

Griffin Aluminum Radiator

A pic of a Griffin Aluminum Radiator.

Afco Aftermarket Aluminum Radiator

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Afco Racing Radiator

Here we see a pic of an Afco Racing Aluminum Radiator.

The Chevrolet Camaro Differentials.

Camaro 1967-1969
10-bolt 12-bolt
Casting Number 3894859NF 3894860NF
Bolt Diameter 3/8 3/8
Ring Gear Diameter 8.20 8.875
Pinion Diameter 1.438 1.625
Axle Splines 28 30
Overall Dimensions:    
Axle tube flange to axle tube flange 54 1/4 54 1/4
Between centerlines of spring seats 42 7/16 42 7/16
Shaft Length 29 33/64 29 9/16

Below is a list of positraction casting numbers. Gearing "up" indicates that the Posi Traction Unit is applicable to gearing Numerically Higher. Gearing "down" indicates that the Posi Traction Unit is applicable to gearing Numerically Lower.

Casting Number
12-bolt passenger ED 32088
2.73:1 and down
3.08 to 3.73:1
EDB 30174
3.90:1 and up
Corvette ED 32297 PW 3
2.73 to 3.70:1
EDB 32298
3.90:1 and up
8.5 Corporate 410408N
2.73:1 and up
2.56:1 and down
8.2 10-bolt ED 32118
2.73:1 and down
ED 30116
3.08:1 and up

Here we show you a picture with the location of the Casting numbers for both 10 and 12 bolt differentials and the location for the Axle Stamp. The graphic is a Courtesy of Steve Brown.

Chevy Rear Axle Sketch

Here we see a picture of a 10 Bolt Chevy Ring and Pinion Set by Richmond.
3,90 Ring and Pinion Set from Richmond (Aftermarket)

Source: Camaro Research Group -

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