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1969 Yenko Camaro Side View
1969 FirstGenCamaro.comīs Yenko Camaro

A nice side view of our Yenko Camaro Clone.

A funny pic of our Editor!
What a picture!!!

We didn´t know if we should post this one, but, we made a poll at the office and we decided we HAD to. Click to Enlarge. ´s Yenko Camaro Clone

1969´s Yenko Camaro

In this Section we will show the car we´ve been building recently. It´s a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro we have updated with some Yenko specifications.

Take a look! We are here for a brief tour of our creation.We are very proud of our car. We love it. It´s part of the staff, it´s a family member, it´s a Chevy Camaro. Period.This Yenko Clone it´s no Yenko copycat. It´s an homage to the great muscle car of the late ´60s. It´s our tribute to Don and his crew.

Remeber that if you want to learn the complete history of Donald Yenko, Yenko Chevrolet, and his cars, you can enter our Yenko Section. Great stuff in there!The pictures talk for itselves, and they are in high resolution, so click on each thumbnail to enlarge.

Restoration Project of our 1969 Yenko Camaro Clone
Stripping the subframe for painting The powerfull mill The powerfull mill
A 427 BBC and a TH400. What else could we ask? Mill and tranny combo The engine mounted on the subframe.
The beast arises! The engine in place The front sheetmetal ready for paint
Fabio painting the doors of the Camaro The Yenko is ready for its metallic paint Our Editor (helping???) Fabio paint the Camaro

The Final Product
1969 Camaro Yenko side view 1969 Camaro Yenko 1969 Camaro Yenko
Thatīs the editor reflecting on the car!! The front of the Yenko Camaro Nice wheels and the stripes look is awesome
The back of the beast Camaro badge and rear spoiler The hood with the famous sYc stripe kit

Our 1969 Yenko Camaro Clone

Chevrolet Camaro Photo Gallery:

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