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 1967 Camaro Interior

1967 Camaro Interior
A pic of an Optima Battery. An excellent alternative if you don´t look for originality.

1968 Camaro Interior

1968 Camaro Interior
A pic of a 1968 Camaro Interior.

1967-69 Camaro Interior Facts

1967 was the only year to have the VIN on the door jamb.

The VIN for 1968 and 1969 models can be found on the dash.

All three years used different dashpads; 1969 used a different pad for with air conditioning and without.

All three years used different metal dash (repair panels).

1969 Yenko Camaro

1969 Camaro Yenko Interior

1969 Camaro Yenko Interior with the distinctive sYc decals on the headrests. To learn more about Yenko Camaros enter here.

Pillar post moldings in 1967 were available in chrome-plate or plastic. Padded pillar post moldings were introduced in 1968 and used throughout 1969 (different design between years). Coupes in all three years differed from convertibles.

First Generation Camaro carpets were available in the following colors: Black 1967-1969, red 1967-1969, bright blue 1967, gold 1967, turquoise 1967-1968, medium blue 1968, ivy green/gold 1968, dark green 1969, and dark blue 1969.

Headliners for 1967 were in the Impala Leather grain and were available in black, red, light blue, bright blue (deluxe interior), gold, and turquoise. The grain changed in 1968 to Bedford Ribbed, which was also used in 1969.

Colors available in 1968 were black, red, medium blue, and ivy green/gold. In 1969 color selections were white, dark blue, dark green, black, red, and moss green.

While the sunvisors for 1967 and 1968 are similar, the grain pattern would match the headliner and would be different between the two years. Sun visors in 1969 were longer and also sported the Bedford Ribbed grain. Convertible sun visors were padded with vinyl instead of headliner material.

The sail panel sections were the same for all three years, however the grain would match the headliner.

White Interior

1969 Camaro White 

			Interior - Click to Enlarge

All 1969 Camaros with white interior received white seats and door panels; but black dashpad, carpet, and package tray.

All 1967 to 1969 package trays were the basic fit. Color selections differed through the years. Black and red were available for all three years. Also available in 1967 were bright blue, light blue, and gold. In 1968 in addition to black and red, medium blue and ivy green/gold were available.

In 1969 dark blue and dark green were available also. The carpet was an 80/20 combination loop pile two-piece carpet.

Deluxe mesh trays were available in 1967-1969 black and red, 1967-1968 turquoise. 1967 gold, 1968 medium blue, and 1969 dark blue and dark green.

The sill plates (Body by Fisher) were the same for all three first generation years.
Glove boxes were the same in 1967 and 1968, but with air conditioning was different than without due to the ductwork. In 1969, glove box design was changed. With air conditioning was again different than without.

1967 and 1968 used the same glove box lock and catch assembly; 1969 went to a different design.

It should be noted that a 1969 white interior received white seats and door panels; but black dashpad, carpet, and package tray. In 1967 and 1968, pearl/parchment received the same treatment.

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